Greek vessel rescues 97 seamen in Antarctica

Greek vessel rescues 97 seamen in Antarctica

Greek vessel rescues 97 seamen in Antarctica

Chinese Fishing Trawler KaiXin suffered a serious fire on the 17th of April in the vicinity of South Shetland Islands. Her 97 crewmen abandoned the vessel and are now safely on board MV Skyfrost, a reefer vessel managed by Laskaridis Shipping Co ltd and operated by Lavinia Corporation.

The distressed vesselwas drifting unmanned towards the coast line of the South Shetland Island , concretely, towards Greenwich Island, a hazardous area due to the presence of glaciers with danger of grounding and causing huge damage to the environment of Antarctica.

MV Skyfrost was following her under poor visibility and prevented further drifting through attempts of placing towing line, mooring her and securing Kai Xin’s propeller with mooring rope. Finally vessel stopped
less than 1 mile away from the rocks.

In the meantime, the fire on board flared up again and increased with continuous explosions on board the vessel.
MV Skyfrost was forced  to move to a safer distance preparing a long towing line in order to tow her away from the coast whilst watching and following her continuously.

Master  of MV Skyfrost has been requested by the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center of Chile to report all news related to the condition of the Kai Xin and development of the situation.



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