ERMA first BWTS receives IMO final approval

ERMA first BWTS receives IMO final approval

ERMA first BWTS receives IMO final approval

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee, having considered the recommendations contained in the GESAMP reports of MEPC 63/2/11, granted FINAL APPROVAL to ERMA FIRST Ballast Water Treatment system, during the latest IMO MEPC 63 meeting, which took place from the 27th February till the 2nd of March 2012.

After  years of intensive Research and Development, with rigorous testing performed under the strict criteria imposed by reputable European Institutes, ERMA FIRST officially proves the effectiveness and sustainability of its purpose, enforced by an ingenious compact design with cutting edge technological components revealing an ideal Ballast Water Treatment solution on board.

The excellent results achieved during the Land-Based Tests performed in the reputable NIOZ (The Royal Netherland Institute for Sea Research), and the Shipboard Tests, with discharge limits far below the IMO D-2 standards, demonstrated a prospective compliance with even the most demanding US requirements.

ERMA FIRST Ballast Water Treatment System uses a simple and effective 200 micron self-cleaning pre-filter, an innovative, sophisticated 20 micron hydrocyclone technology exhibiting outstanding performance in very high sediment loads and advanced energy efficient electrolytic cells which provide a perfect combination of:

·        Very low footprint in tailor-made, ship-type optimum arrangements,

·        Very low Power Consumption,

·        Easiness in Installation, with minimized labour & material costs,

·        Risk-free operation in all sea conditions,

·        Enhanced performance with stable operation even in ultimately high sediment loads,

·        Extremely low maintenance and operating costs,

·        Simplicity of Operation, on a fully automated functional principle, easy for crew use.

Lloyds Register Classification Society (LRS) is currently appraising the technical documentation of ERMA FIRST in co-operation with the Greek Administration for issuing Type Approval by the end of March 2012.

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