RINA Services and Russian Register join forces on yachts and ice class

RINA Services and Russian Register join forces on yachts and ice class

RINA Services and Russian Register join forces on yachts and ice class

RINA Group’s certification company, RINA Services (RINA), and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) have agreed to co-operate on specific projects where each society has complementary strengths.

Initially co-operation will focus on yachts and ice class where they have specific strength and expertise. RINA will use its expertise with yachts, pleasure craft and passenger vessels to help RS approve specific projects for yachts and passenger vessels which may operate in Russian waters or under the Russian flag, and RS will help RINA to meet the needs of some of its clients for Arctic navigation and offshore operations, especially with respect to ice class and winterization. Subject to the consistent and positive implementation of this scheme, the societies will consider further development of rules and relating software and training instruments in these or in other mutually-beneficial fields of interest.

Ugo Salerno, CEO, RINA Group, says, “I welcome this step in what I believe will strengthen the long-term co-operation between our companies. Co-operating in specific areas where we each have particular expertise will help us build a platform for win-to-win situations in the marine as well as in other sectors. We are both growing in certification and validation across a range of industries and by working together we can meet the needs of our clients more effectively.”

Mikhail Ayvazov, CEO, Russian Register, says, “RS is pleased to pursue the development of bilateral cooperation with RINA on issues that give us very good opportunities for common advancement ahead. Both RS and RINA are rather comparable in size and have complementary expertise in areas at hand. This approach, based on the principles of fair and equitable cooperation, opens very good perspectives for our companies to raise the level of our expertise in new and promising areas, where there is a demand from our clients for reliable services and where RS and RINA are committed to expand their presence.




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