International Paint‘s Marine Coatings Business Embraces Social Media

International Paint‘s Marine Coatings Business Embraces Social Media

International Paint‘s Marine Coatings Business Embraces Social Media

International Paint’s Marine Coatings business is bringing more than a century of expertise to new audiences as well as enhancing its engagement with customers and stakeholders after significantly expanding its online presence.

In response to the evolving information landscape and the shipping industry’s increasing use of social media, the business has expanded its outreach to customers and wider stakeholders by consolidating its existing presence on YouTube and adding communities on Facebook and Twitter to engage with the industry on key issues, share visual and video content and provide an insight into its organisation.

Cathy Stephenson, International Paint Marketing Communications Manager said, “We’ve been active in digital communications for some time now and see social platforms as a natural extension of this activity. This move offers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with our customers and stakeholders in real time, to listen, to learn and better understand their operational needs whilst bringing the maritime industry closer to us by inviting them into our organisation.”

International Paint’s parent company, AkzoNobel, has already established a significant social media presence that has generated acclaim from the global online communications and marketing community for its innovative and informal approach.

Marine Coatings personnel will also engage directly through social media channels. In addition, live interactive Q&A sessions will be hosted to encourage discussion and debate with multiple facets within the shipping industry to support development and raise awareness of the key challenges that ship owners and operators face. 

Cathy Stephenson concluded, ”The benefits of social media as a positive information channel are significant and far-reaching.  For an industry going through such significant change there is a real need to continually engage and debate on the key challenges our customers face, as well as ensuring a transparency of information in order to drive positive progression.”

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