New NMS Specs designed to speed up workflow

New NMS Specs designed to speed up workflow

New NMS Specs designed to speed up workflow

Newport Maritime Services (NMS) has announced a brand new feature for its online booking portal that will see the process of booking a repair or drydocking made even quicker with the first of its kind ‘NMS Specs’.

It can be laborious having to fill out the same details over and over again, which takes time away from other important tasks. The new feature ‘NMS Specs’ allows users to now ‘autofill’ fields onto the NMS platform for vessels by companies that are previously registered with the NMS platform.

Ahmet Celik, Product Manager, Newport Maritime Services comments that: “The key feature of this is the unique database we created with the help of Newport Shipping’s considerable experience with drydocking projects of more than 50 years.”

‘NMS Specs’ generates the vessel specification/quotation automatically according to the GRT of the subject vessel; if the vessel is a bulk carrier, container vessel or tanker and
whether it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd special survey. Based on these details ‘NMS Specs’ is then able to autofill the specifications of the online booking form on the platform. The quantities that are estimated by the NMS platform can be changed by the user for individual requirements.

Celik highlights that: “NMS is a revolutionary platform which is unique in many aspects. It is very much the same as the ‘NMS Specs’ feature. We have always been confident in the path to digitalization in the booking of ship repair and retrofit operations. Now, we are making it even easier for our users by reducing the workload further on the user side.”

‘NMS Specs’ is a recent development by a dedicated team to create a unique database. With the addition of ‘NMS Specs’ to the NMS platform, it is giving the industry what it needs to allow it to save both time and money for all its repair and drydocking projects.
“It simplifies the booking processes for drydocking and retrofitting projects but as developers, we never stop thinking about how we can make our users’ ‘tasks even easier.” Celik adds, “From Newport Shipping’s past experience, we are familiar with the pain points of the processes, so we came up with a new idea to help users. With this feature, we are confident, that booking a slot on NMS will reduce both the workload and the time in very significant amounts.”

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