IMAREM 1st to launch a complete MRV shipping programme

IMAREM 1st to launch a complete MRV shipping programme

IMAREM 1st to launch a complete MRV shipping programme

With strong experience in energy and emissions monitoring and reporting, IMAREM introduces today its new MRV programme, a pioneering solution for shipping’s MRV needs.

The MRV Programme is a new, all-inclusive service by IMAREM, which offers shipping companies a complete solution to the new EU legal requirements regarding the monitoring, reporting and verification of their vessels’ carbon emissions.

It is part of IMAREM’s energy and emissions management system (the Positive Ship Programme) and is designed to help shipping companies comply with the new EU MRV Shipping Regulation in an effective and economical way, reduce their administrative burden and provide them with compliance solutions for optimal low-carbon and energy efficient operations.

Building on IMAREM’s expertise and our robust monitoring and reporting emissions management system, backed by IMAREM’s advanced online platform, the MRV Programme constitutes a continuous “support package” solution tailored to the needs of shipping companies with all the necessary tools, technical and policy guidance needed to comply with the new legal requirements.

The new EU MRV Shipping Regulation which entered into force on the 1st of July 2015, is going to present a number of new challenges for shipping companies. Difficulties may arise in understanding the new regulatory requirements, preparing vessel-specific monitoring plans, developing accurate emission reports, which constitute a strategic decision for shipping companies and require a high degree of expertise over several vessel-specific technical/operational parameters and characteristics.

The MRV Programme helps shipping companies act strategically on energy efficiency and compile complete, technically reliable and transparent documents. The MRV Programme guarantees companies that all necessary documents are sent on time and at the correct format to the European Commission and the respective flag States in line with the EU Regulation.

In addition, the MRV Programme strives to minimize misstatements and non-conformities thus making the verification process as smooth as possible with the minimum cost.

Last but not least, shipping companies are informed about all the on-going legal developments of the new Regulation and can obtain an efficient MRV solution for their entire fleet, tailored to their needs which minimizes the risks and costs of compliance and verification.

IMAREM is a center of excellence for energy and carbon emissions management offering shipping companies the necessary tools and guidance to create a sustainable competitive business and achieve a positive environmental impact, while complying with all regulatory requirements.

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