The Challenge of Maritime Piracy and Collaborative Means for Counteraction

The Challenge of Maritime Piracy and Collaborative Means for Counteraction

The Challenge of Maritime Piracy and Collaborative Means for Counteraction

K.C. LYRINTZIS GROUP OF COMPANIES planned, organized and successfully conducted on 9th June 2011 a complimentary 1-day conference, at Springfield Shipping Company Co. auditorium, entitled:

“The Challenge of Maritime Piracy and Collaborative Means for Counteraction”

The aim of this conference was to bring together senior decision-makers from the shipping industry
and service providers to assist stakeholders in adopting a practical, comprehensive and sustainable strategy to address maritime security and best practices to counter piracy and armed robbery.

The scope of the conference and the critical implications of Maritime Piracy for the Shipping Industry were highlighted by Mrs. Kalliope Lyrintzis, Managing Director of KCL Group.

The panel of nine presenters, all seasoned professionals in their individual fields, were moderated by VADM Stavros Kechris, Deputy Managing Director of KCL Group, and included:

Mr. Marcos Vassilikos, Managing Director, Eurobulk Limited:

“A MD Perspective – How to Handle a Piracy Incident Financially Operationally”

Mr. Dimitrios Vassos, Attorney-at-Law, Holman Fenwick Willan International LLP:

“Key Legal Issues Arising From Dealing with Piracy Cases”

Captain Akis Meletiadis (HN, Ret.), Business Development Manager, KCL Group:

“Threats, Statistics, Costs, Trends”

Rear Admiral Antonios Papaioannou (HN, Ret.), Ex-Commander of EUNAVFOR – Diaplous Maritime Services:

“Naval Situation in Area – Hardening Ship Measures”

Mr. Christos Lalas, CSO/QS Coordinator, Interunity Management Corp:

“Measures Implemented After a Piracy Incident”

Mr. Russ Armstrong – Mr. Hugh Long, Directors, Enhanced Maritime Solutions, London, UK:

“Security Risk Management in High Risk Environments”

Mr. Vassilios Chakos, Marine Claims Adjuster, V. Chakos & Co.:

“Piracy & Marine Insurance Claims”

Dr. Nikos Frydas, Marine-Risk Expert, KCL Group:

“Software Supported Risk Assessment”

With over 100 in attendance, he Conference was attended by Senior Managers from Shipping Companies, Maritime Press, shipping lawyers and marine insurance Companies.  All participants concluded that the conference was successful and achieved its objectives. 

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