INTERCARGO: The First 40 Years

INTERCARGO: The First 40 Years


ATHENS 2019, GRATIA Publications, 2019

ISBN: 978-618-82187-4-1


Table of Contents:

1. Introductory Remarks, DIMITRIOS J. FAFALIOS
2. Methodological and research approach, PANAGIOTIS KAPETANAKIS
3. SECTION A: Working collectively to change the bulk carrier industry for the better
– INTERCARGO: The dry cargo industry gets the voice it deserves, PANAGIOTIS KAPETANAKIS
– The dry cargo industry between the Clashing Rocks of the shipping market cycles, GIANNIS THEODOROPOULOS
– A brief history of bulk carrier design, PANOS ZAHARIADIS
4. SECTION B: INTERCARGO: The brainchild of Antony J. Chandris
– The creation of INTERCARGO, a Greek initiative by Antony J. Chandris, JOHN C. LYRAS
– The birth of an idea, THEMISTOCLES VOKOS
– By mid-1978 a new organisation, known as ‘Chandris’ baby,’ was born, DAVID GLASS
5. SECTION C: The voice of the shipping community
– We needed an organisation focusing specifically on dry cargo shipping policy, MORTEN WERRING
– It took 20 to 25 years for the value of INTERCARGO to be established, Dr. SPYROS M. POLEMIS
– INTERCARGO contributes to the development of a safer and better industry, SVERRE JØRGEN TIDEMAND
– Without INTERCARGO the bulk shipping industry has no other legitimate representative, GIAN CRISTOFORO SAVASTA
– INTERCARGO was the brainchild of Antony Chandris, NICKY PAPPADAKIS
– INTERCARGO functions like the “Agora of Ancient Athens,” members participate directly in decision making, JOHN PLATSIDAKIS
– INTERCARGO plays a significant role in influencing industry stakeholders, JAY K. PILLAI
– INTERCARGO must continue to prove it delivers value to its members, DIMITRIOS J. FAFALIOS
6. SECTION D: The subtle role of the Secretariat
– My first task at INTERCARGO was to weed out sub-standard tonnage, ROGER HOLT
– INTERCARGO’s activities, priorities and objectives at a time of growing challenges, DR. KOSTAS G. GKONIS

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