RINA plays key role in world’s first marine CNG project

RINA plays key role in world’s first marine CNG project

RINA plays key role in world’s first marine CNG project


International classification society and verification group RINA has been appointed by Indonesia’s electricity utility PT PLN (Persero) to help develop the world’s first marine Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) project. The project, which is expected to deliver the first gas in 2013, is to transport between 3 and 6 thousand standard cubic feet (mscf) per day of CNG from the Indonesian island of Gresik to another Indonesian island, Lombok, where it will feed the Peaking power plant.

RINA has already delivered the feasibility study, and is now developing the Front End Engineering Design (FEED). This will be followed by support during tendering, and the provision of project management support during the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) phase. Tendering will open in May 2012 and a number of different technologies are being considered.

This is a pilot project which will allow the use of cheaper natural gas in place of liquid fuel for power production. If the pilot project succeeds, the marine CNG technology will be applied to other power plants across the country with similar or larger capacity. PLN has mapped out potential utilisation of CNG in Indonesia. CNG will come from low-capacity gas wells, marginal gas wells, gas flare and surplus of gas supply as a result of a fluctuating gas absorption pattern.

RINA will advise on the most appropriate type of vehicle, logistical pattern, design of the compression and decompression terminals, and documents for EPC tender for construction of the marine CNG facilities. RINA has developed rules for the classification of CNG ships, which are based on new technological guidelines and which take into account experience gained so far in the field.

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